Welcome to 7ofHeartz, artwork & design by Ebony.

Generally freehand, you’ll find pieces of original art, from acrylic to watercolour, categorized throughout the GALLERY (Top Menu).

To check what’s available for purchase, jump straight to the online shop via menu. Special orders or enquiries can be sent to 7ofheartz@gmail.com or contact me on Facebook 

“Inspired by surrealism and the surroundings of everyday life, I find most of my art comes from my imagination of a surreal world, mixed with day dreams of emotions and curiosities.
Off to a ‘what if’ place, or ‘if’ life was like…Dali, Escher and Alice in Wonderland, would be a few amongst many to name, whose art I am truly intrigued and inspired by.”- Ebony.

Custom work is available on a broad range, including portrait work. All enquiries are welcomed and replied to within 2 business days at 7ofheartz@gmail.com

CLICK HERE for additional services– customised ideas for small businesses or personalised occasions!! (Including postage, payment & delivery options)

 All artwork on this site is original, please respect this by referencing any shares (#7ofheartz). A big thanks to all my valued customers, also anyone who has helped support my art by sharing around & in advance, anyone who decides to!!


7ofHeartz is a registered business of Australia


Finger painting on canvas with acrylic



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Original artwork, prints and designs by Ebony Davenport @7ofheartz